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About Us

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About Us

AirCREW Sensation mission is to realise your dream of flight, experience the world through the eyes of an airliner pilot in out ultra-realistic B737 Next Generation Flight. We are officially open for public in September 2017.


B737 NG flight simulator and the flight deck are so realistic that it used for pilots to train.


Simulator Instructors

Our simulator instructors are professional pilots and will guide you through your flight to make this an incredible and thrilling experience!


Flight Deck

The flight deck features many of the original parts, interior lighting, flight controls and original Boeing throttle.

Our simulators are so real that Pilots can train in them. They offer a total immersion experience with a fully enclosed Cockpit. You can fly to and from any of over 24 000 Airports around the World, with Hong Kong Kai Tak and Insbruck being firm favorites. 


Our Instructors, many of which are Experienced Pilots, guide our Customers through this experience of a lifetime. It has been one of the hottest things to do...