120 Min Joyflight Group 4 Person

120 Min Joyflight Group 4 Person

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Flying the Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator for 120 minutes share with 4 person. A great opportunity to see and experience what is really involved in a line flight from city to city, or spend your time practicing take off and landings.



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What to Expect

Upon arrival you will be met by one of our fully qualified, commercial pilot instructors. Over refreshments they will give your group a brief overview of how the session works a safety briefing followed by a more in-depth 15 minutes briefing on how to fly the Boeing 737 NG aircraft, hopefully with crashing or getting lost! You will also have a chance to select from over 24,000 airports around the world that you  want the virtual session to be based at. Some favourites are, Hong Kong Kai Tak and Insbruck in Austria, but the choice is yours.


You fly as both Captain & Co Pilot

To give each pilot the maximum time at the controls the instructor now sits in the jump seat which is directly behind the captains and co pilot seat where he will offer gentle advise! Each pilot then gets a chance to both fly as pilot in control as well as co pilot, or navigator where they will help operate the many buttons and levers needed to operate the Boeing 737 as well as help the pilot flying not to get lost. This means two people in the group are in the front of the aircraft at any one time giving maximum time at the controls.


It usually take roughly 20 – 25 minutes to complete a circuit so each person will get approx. 30 minutes in the cockpit.


A Friendly Competition

Although not compulsory we always find the best sessions are those with a bit of friendly competition. Our instructors mark each pilot on such criteria as, accuracy, not getting lost and being able to land on the runway. At the end of the session the marks are tallied up and a small prize if presented by our instructor.

If a member of your group has some real flying experience you should inform the instructor who will add a handicap based on experience to keep it all fair.