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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy a ticket voucher?


You can buy a ticket online, in person at our locations or by calling / whatsapp our sales line. When you buy online you can choose to use PayPal credit too. An e-ticket vouchers are dispatched to you the same day using EMAIL.

The e-ticket can be sent as a GIFT to someone .


Do the e-ticket voucher expire?

Yes. Your e-ticket voucher certificates are valid for three months from the date of purchase.


Do I always need to book ahead?

We strongly recommend to do so and give us at least three days notice. The AirCREW Sensation  get very busy with real pilot training and also get very busy especially during the weekends, so to avoid disappointment please book ahead to get a date and time. 

We will do our best to accommodate last minute bookings as well. Call / SMS / Whatsapp to 0812 8000 4 737


How do I book my flight time?

You can book your flight time by Phone / SMS / Whatsapp / LINE with us, quoting your e-ticket voucher number. You can also visit us in the store to book your time.


How closely does the simulator resemble the real thing?

Our simulators are real cockpits of BOEING 737. They are in fact so real that pilots come to us and use our simulators for their own training requirements.


Does it have motion?

Our simulators are so called fixed based simulator. They do not move, However due to the visual system most customers believe they are moving and even hold on when flying turns. Our flight simulator have vibration that resemble the vibration of the real one.

In fact, Its a cost effective alternative to moving simulators which cost up to 7 times more per hour.


What is the minimum age?

We invite young pilots from the age of 6 for our Flight Experiences.


Will I be flying alone? or will there be another person guiding me?

You will be seated on the Captain’s seat (left seat), our professional instructor will be seated on the Co-Pilot’s seat (right seat). Instructor will be guiding you.

Can I bring a friend?

AirCREW Sensation simulators are designed for you to bring a friend to watch you during the flight. We provide Airline style seats for your guests. You can also share your flying time with your friends if you purchase Group Booking.

Do I need any flying experience?

Most of our clients never flown an aircraft before and we will show you and guide you though the procedures real pilots go though in their flying.

Can I fly the Simulator myself?

Of course. Your pilot Instructor will guide you through the process and you will be the Pilot flying during the experience.


Do AirCREW Sensation provide pilot uniform when i fly?

No. But we do have a captain cap, and it is to be used inside the cockpit only.


I'm a Tourist in Jakarta, and i don't know where and how to go to AirCREW Sensation. How to get there?

Please click and see "Location" , you will find a way to get here. In General, you can use Bluebird Taxi, UBER, GRAB, and GOJEK.


Do you provide reservation for TAXI or UBER or GRAB from AIRCREW SENSATION Venue back to HOTEL or other places ?? 
Yes, our staff will be glad to help you finding TAXI, and UBER or GRAB.